Lemongrass Soup (Tom Yum)                                                                   

Vegetable - (Bok-choy, mushroom, nappa, tomato, carrot, broccoli, tofu, green onion, snow peas)     $6.95

Chicken - (Mushroom, Green onion & Tomato)                                                                                               $7.95

Shrimp - (Mushroom, Green onion & Tomato)                                                                                                $9.95

Seafood - (Mushroom, Green onion & Tomato)                                                                                             $10.95

Coconut Soup (Tom Kha)                                                                                         

Vegetable - (Bok-choy, mushroom, nappa, carrot, broccoli, tofu, green onion, snow pea)                      $6.95

Chicken – (Mushroom & Green onion)                                                                                                              $7.95

Shrimp – (Mushroom & Green onion)                                                                                                               $9.95

Seafood – (Mushroom & Green onion)                                                                                                            $10.95

Thai Wonton Soup                                                                                                  

Chicken broth, nappa, mushroom, green onion, tossed with fried onion                                                                   $8.95

Thai Hot and Sour Soup                                                                                   

Egg, bamboo, tofu, black mushroom and tossed in with green onion.                                                                       $7.95

Thai Pumpkin Soup                                                                                                   

Squash, yam, basil  and coconut milk.                                                                                                                           $8.95

All our curry  dishes are served with steamed jasmine rice.

Vegetable or Tofu $16.95,    Chicken $18.95,    Beef $20.95,    Shrimp or seafood $22.95

Green Curry                   – Bamboo, carrot, basil leaf, broccoli, eggplant, green and red peppers, with green

                                               curry and coconut milk.  


Red Curry           – Bamboo, carrot, basil leaf, broccoli, eggplant, green and red peppers, with red curry and 

                                  coconut milk.

Pineapple Curry       – Pineapple, bamboo, carrot, basil leaf served in light red curry sauce.

Peanut Curry PRed curry sauce mix in with crushed peanut tossed  with carrot and long bean.

Massaman Curry with Chicken P

Potato, white onion, carrot, roasted peanuts tossed in fried-onion in massaman curry.                             $18.95

Curry Grilled Chicken (Jasmine’s Signature Curry Dish) P
Grilled Thai chicken, bell peppers, lime leaf, served in special curry sauce.                                                         $19.95

*** Add mixed Veg ($2 extra)

P = Product has peanuts      

Curry Lover